typical location setup

Live on-site recording capability can be supported in myriad ways.

We can provide direct to digital, discrete 24-channel live recording capability on location. This can be at high resolution recording up to 96kHz sample rate at 24bit. Higher resolution can be provided up to 8 or 16 channels with multi-channel backup at CD resolution. Multi-channel recordings can be monitored live in both analog and digital mixes.

With over a 100 microphones and 50 channels of diverse professional mic preamps to choose from, we can accommodate almost any situation. Recorded tracks can be mixed to virtually any playback format from mono to 10-channel surround. Using ambisonic microphones that record multiple channels from separate spatial directions, infinite stereo and surround mixes can be rendered. In addition, virtual spot mics can be created in post-production in order to adjust levels between voices and/or instruments after the fact. These mics can be placed very discretely during live concert performances to minimize visual distraction. We can provide extremely high resolution 8-channel recordings in this manner with minimal cable runs since levels can be monitored and controlled remotely with a wireless iPad from the audience. This means no cables for the audience to trip over, virtually no visual distraction from technical setups, while providing unprecedented post-production mixing, level balance correction, and pristine audio quality.