tech prospectus

Over 100 microphones ranging from some of the finest high-end devices manufactured to specialized hand-made boutique tools and inexpensive commercial devices that have been completely rebuilt to compete with many of the most revered classic vintage designs. All of these microphone solutions have been made to solve diverse audio production needs at a rational cost and not to reflect name-brand recognition or mythological reputations. In many cases there is actually nothing left inside our microphones (capsules, circuits, ribbons, tubes, and transformers) that were provided by the manufacturer whose label is on the outside. They have been completely rebuilt with just the outside casing left to provide a convenient armature to hold the select high-end components inside.

We also have over 50 channels of select outboard microphone preamps, dozens of professional converters, and an amazing array of unique transducer systems, microphone mounts, cabling solutions, specialized sensor technologies, monitors, vintage formats, analog summing devices, mixers, and computer software. We select tools that work for the intended purpose with minimal complication and not because of fashion/hype.