We offer expertise, consultation and a wide range of audio techniques and tools suitable for high-resolution co-incident and near co-incident stereo (MS, Blumlein, ORTF, NOS, XY, Faulkner, spaced techniques, etc.), Jecklin Disc, Decca Tree, binaural, quasi-binaural, surround (double MS and Ambisonic arrays), and compressed formats. These are recorded using various stereo and multi-track portable digital field recorders and computers. In addition to an unusual assortment of select high-end conventional microphones (some of the finest microphones made anywhere) appropriate to a variety of acoustic environments (RF condensers, small and large diaphragm condensers, binaural, ambisonic, parabolic, pzm, stereo and surround pzm arrays, ribbon, and variable pattern surround), we design and construct our own microphones and specialized transducer systems for ultrasonic, infrasonic, underwater and other specialized acoustic domains in tandem with custom-made ultrasonic and conventional preamps, plus other audio tools such as summing mixers and mic mounting systems. To supplement these technical resources, we also modify commercial microphones with higher-grade electronic components (classic Schoeps circuits and Neumann capsule designs), newly cut ribbons, and housing modifications to achieve much higher-level performance than the stock versions.

For live sound and concert recording we can use extremely small, inobtrusive, ambisonic microphones that can be decoded to virtually any stereo or surround configuration desired. Using high-end processing software, the recording is rendered to multiple combinations of patterns and spot emphasis to correct levels that were improper during performance. Such a microphone setup is almost imperceptible to an audience.

For electroacoustic music accompaniment to contemporary music ensembles and general PA needs, we can supply surround playback using a multi-channel self-powered Mackie PA system (SR1530 3-way speakers and SWA1501 subwoofer) capable of SPL output to 126dB. These systems can be fed from a 32 channel, 8 buss mixing console and can easily fill very large interior and outdoor venues.

All services are available for portable transport to remote locations (including outdoor environments) using battery solutions and/or Yamaha low-noise inverter/generators, and thousands of feet of balanced audio cabling and large gauge AC lines.

We can provide the kind of diverse technical resources, expertise, and audio quality usually only found in professional recording studios to remote locations where choice acoustic spaces can be explored.