40 Years of Specialized Sound Recording and Design

Location and live recording in unique acoustic spaces for contemporary, folk, classical, and early music

    • Field recording for acoustic ecology, exhibition enhancement, sound art, sound effects, and scientific research
    • Expert sound design and digital editing
    • Audio restoration and transfers for archival audio including high-end audiophile LP transfers to digital (conventional and archaic/esoteric formats)
    • Microphone design, upgrade modifications, and ribbon replacements
    • Specialized equipment design for both aesthetic and scientific applications
    • Applied pro-audio and audiophile consultation
    • Over 50,000 sound effects on file
    • Equipment rental

Sennheiser/ Sanken/ Telefunken/ AEA/ DPA/ Coles/ Lewitt/ Core Sound/ Rode/ Cascade/ Blue/ Neumann/ Earthworks/ Audix/ Audio Technica/ Naiant/ Line Audio/ Crown Audio/ PreSonus/ Oktava/ Shure/ Sony/ Aquarian/ Millennia/ True Systems/ Focusrite/ RME/ Seventh Circle/ JoeCo/ Summit/ SPL/ APB Dynasonics/ JBL/ Sound Devices/ Harpex-B/ iZotope/ Sequoia/ Reaper/ Behringer/ Tascam/ Zoom/ MOTU/ K-Array/ Fostex/ Mackie/ Allen&Heath/ Klein&Hummel/ Edirol/ Manfrotto/ PSC/ Rycote/ Microphone-Parts/ DIYRE/ Multiple Vintage, Boutique and Custom-built Microphones and Preamps